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About me

I'm Elisa, originally from The Netherlands, but I moved to Iceland in 2016.

I used to work in media, but I wanted a little less hectic and busy life, so I decided to go to Iceland. Initially I was planning to stay for a few months, but I have not left since.



And now, Iceland has become home.

Since I've moved here I found out I love photographing. Especially photographing Icelandic horses (in their natural habitat). Before Iceland I had never even touched a camera, but this country and it's four-legged inhabitants are so photogenic, I just could not NOT make photos. My camera has not left my side since and it has made me even more aware of the beauty around us.


Besides that I also found out I love to design and knit Icelandic sweaters. You'll find my patterns here too sometime in the near future.

Being in Iceland has made me discover so many unexpected things.

I sing in an Icelandic choir and I've started SUP-ping (Stand Up Paddle-boarding). I would have never discovered all of these things (photographing, knitting, singing and SUP-ping) if I had not moved to Iceland. So I will be forever grateful to this country that gave me so much. 

On this page you will find a lot of my photographs. You can purchase a print, or get one of my photographs on items like phone cases, masks, mugs, pillow cases, bags, and many more. Just have a look around if you like :)

plan your trip


Are you planning to visit Iceland, but you have no idea what to see, where to go, how long to stay where, what kind of driving difficulties to expect and how to go about the whole trip? I can help you get started!


During a 60 minute videochat I will help you set up your travel plans or we will go through all of the plans you already have together to see how doable they are. I will share my extensive knowledge and experience of traveling through Iceland in any season.

You can ask me anything about traveling through Iceland and after our videocall you will just get to enjoy setting up your travel plans without the stress of the unknown.

Let me know if you would like my help setting up your travel plans to the most beautiful country in the world!

Would you rather just work out your own plan?

I've made a interactive map on which you can find all my personal recommendations. And I also have a few pre-made itineraries. If you buy the map and itineraries together, you'll have all the info you need to plan an amazing Iceland trip!

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