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After years and years of gathering information, planning my own trips and helping friends and family plan trips, I now want to help more people experience Iceland the way I see this beautiful place.

You can purchase my Interactive Iceland guide or book a video call with me.

More info about my Interactive Iceland guide

One hour video call to help plan your Iceland trip

And what better way to do that than to give 1 on 1 advice! I'll answer all of your questions in a one hour video call (in English or Dutch).


I can give you info about travelling in different season, when to see the northern lights, where to find puffins, how long you should stay in certain areas and maybe even where to find some hidden gems. I have lived in Iceland for six years now and have traveled through the whole country several times and in every season, so I can give you all the info you need about travelling in Iceland.


I also know exactly where to find the Iceland info you are looking for and I'll give you my personal tips and tricks. This will safe you a lot of time googling random question online.


This way I will make sure you'll be fully prepared for the trip of a lifetime. The only thing I can not guarantee is that you want to leave Iceland after this trip... ;)

This 1 on 1 Iceland trip call will be perfect for you if:
  • You've not done any research yet, but just need tips on where to start and want to ask some overall questions about travelling in Iceland.

  • You've already thought about some areas you want to see, but don't know yet how long you need for every place and want some directions on what to see where.

  • You're almost done planning your trip, but you want someone to review your itinerary and ask some final questions.

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