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10 Last minute Christmas present-ideas

Having a white Christmas is, unfortunately, not something everyone in the world can enjoy. Here in North-Iceland we are lucky to be pretty sure of enough snow around the holidays. Therefore I want to spread the joy of a white Christmas with some of my snowy pictures!

Add some Icelandic snow to your Christmas

And the best part is: you can add some snow to your Christmas by ordering one of the following items just in time for the holidays.

A beautiful winter sunset, a forest full of Christmas trees, a running horse and of course a decent amount of snow. What can be more Christmassy?

Okay, its not a real Christmas tree, but with some lights it would look very festive! And it is real, actual snow! It was just -20 degrees Celsius when I took this photo at Myvatn in North Iceland.

Winter days can be a bit moody at times. But that doesn't mean they are not beautiful. Especially if you add an Icelandic horse to the mix.

Diamonds are a girls best friend, right? So you might as well buy this iceberg-shaped-diamond for your favorite girl!

White horses in the snow just have something magical. They seem to disappear in the background and the only thing you see is their pretty dark eyes.

These fluffy young horses love to play in the snow and they would love for you to come and play with them in these white surroundings.

Being close to a glacier is one of the most amazing experiences. And now you get to hug this massive piece of ice in the form of a pillow. Dreams do come true!

Again, there's more than enough snow for everyone in this picture! When you walk around

with this tote bag you'll ooze the Christmas spirit.

When the moon lights up all the snow, you know it is a good winter night.

This winter wonderland is the most Christmassy picture ever, I think. And the best part is: this snowy travel mug will keep your hot chocolate / Christmas tea / mulled wine nice and warm!

If you want to get more Christmas inspiration, have a look here. I combined all the Christmassy pictures there.

Bonus: Nótt, the little Christmas bear

Look at this little fluffy polar bear wannabe!


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