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My 2020 highlights in 12 photos

Yes, 2020 was a crazy year. It was a year that brought a lot of hardship to a lot of people. But it was also a year that made many people think out of the box and change things in their lives (that might have needed change for a while now).

For myself it was a super diverse year. Because I couldn't immediately fall back on my "regular" job as a horse riding guide, I had to improvise a bit as well and come up with other things to do. One of them is this website and the fact that you can buy many of my photos on print now. I hope to grow this business the next year, so please check out all my prints here.

But first, you can read and see how my year developed through the months.


Everything was still peachy in January, remember? The year could not have started better for me, because this was my view on the 3rd day of January 😍😍😍


I finally got to try out my new drone. It had been super stormy the entire winter, so even though I had gotten my drone in December, I could only try it out two months later. Got to love the Icelandic stormy winter... so this was one of my firsts flights!


And then March started and all of a sudden everyone had to social distance. It seemed like the horses got the memo too 😂


In april I got a little nervous for my job (as a horse riding guide), because it started to look like the world was going into a lockdown indefinitely... so I started looking for other things to do and knitting was one of them. I designed my first pattern. The one you see here. And I found out I love designing new patterns (and knitting them as well of course) 😁


In May all sheep farmers in Iceland are busy with the lambing season. The country was still closed and therefore my job in tourism was not happening. So I moved to a sheep farm for a while and helped deliver lambs. I had a great time there and the views were also not too bad.


The country was supposed to open again for tourists half June. So I decided to visit all the touristy spots in south Iceland before “the crowds” would come back. I had all the waterfalls completely to myself and I felt so grateful to experience the nature like that ❤️ After I visited this waterfall I stopped at Sólheimar (a small ecovillage in the south of Iceland) and found out they needed people to help in the greenhouse. I didn’t really have another plan and I didn’t have my job in the north, so I decided to stay and pick tomatoes for the rest of the month!


In July the guesthouse and riding tours opened again, so I got reunited with my four legged fluffy colleagues and worked with them the next few months ❤️🐴


My parents visited me once it was all a bit more safe again to travel. So I went with them to visit the south and on my way back I decided to drive back through the east (about 1000km in two days ‑ I can not recommend this). But I did get to see one of my favorite spots in East Iceland. Do you see all those white dots? Those are all swans!


In September the tourism season was ending again pretty quickly. So I thought I might as well use my time wisely and take an intensive Icelandic course in the Westfjords. So I took my car and drove there. Another 500km drive in one day 💪 Made extra special by my car breaking down half way (and it has not been fixed until this day 😭😭). But Ísafjörður was lovely, the people were great, this sheep looked spectacular and I learned a lot. Although my Icelandic is still pretttty basic.


Finding a job is not an easy task these days. So when a friend of mine suggested to come and work with him in a fish factory in Þórshöfn I did not immediately laugh in his face, but actually considered it and thought: why the hell not?! That’s been my motto the whole year, as you can see 😂 So I left for Þórshöfn and made myself useful! 🐟


In November I was back home again and finally got to try my new paddle board. What a dream it has been to enjoy the ocean from this board and get to hang out with the seals. I discovered paddle boarding at the end of last year, but since this year I’ve had my own board(s) and get to go out whenever I can and the weather permits it 😁 I’m so grateful for new experiences like this!


And then it was December all of a sudden. The social distancing and face masks have all become quite “normal”. So crazy how you can adapt to a new reality quite quickly. My own new reality is: trying to actually earn money with the things I love to do (photographing and knitting). And that’s why I worked really hard to get a new website up and running where you can buy these masks for example. It’s been a crazy year, but it’s also been a year full of new opportunities and mindsets (for me at least). And I hope I get to develop all of these things even more in the new year!

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