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My 5 year anniversary in Iceland

Five years ago today (February 15 2021) I stepped on a plane to Iceland. I thought I would stay for a few months, but I actually never left. So here I am today. Still in Iceland and still loving it here. So chances are slim at the moment that I will leave any time soon.

I learned a lot these lasts years. I never picked up a camera before I came to Iceland, but now photography is my life. I never knitted anything more than a 10x10 cm uneven piece when I was 8 and now I knit a sweater in a week. Life's a crazy ride.

So, to celebrate my 5 year anniversary I'm giving away a print on my Instagram and there's a 20% discount on my RedBubble page.

Don't forget the 20% discount on everything on my RedBubble page!


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