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Top 5 most popular masks

My photos and sweater designs are available on a wide range of items. Masks have obviously become more and more popular this year and therefore I thought it would be fun to show you the top 5 of my most popular masks!

This is the second sweater design I ever made, It was a pretty difficult one, but it worked out in the end.

As a mask it looks cool as well, I think!

This patterns translates to "knight". I already made a lot of sweaters with this pattern, but as a mask, this is the most popular one!

If Iceland was to have a mascotte, it would definitely be a puffin. Because, look at them!

This is by far one of my favorite photos, so I'm really happy you all like it as well!

I'm so happy and proud that this one is the most sold mask. It is my very first sweater design I ever made. I was already proud I made the design and knitted the sweater and the fact that so many people want to wear it as a mask makes it even more special. Thank you!

I have a lot more masks for sale. Both sweater designs and "normal" photographs. There's kids masks, adult masks, fitted masks and "normal" masks. Please have a look around here, if you also want one.

And if you order 4 or more you'll get a 20% discount!


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