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Top 5 Most Popular Prints

It can be hard to choose a nice print for your home, especially if there are so many options. That's why I will show you the Top 5 Most Popular Prints, to make choosing a bit easier.

This is Kjarkur's cute nose. I was planning to just take a picture of his nose and then he decided to stick out his tongue as well. Which actually made it better in the end.

Who doesn't like a good amount of fluffiness. In wintertime, Icelandic horses look a bit like fluffy teddybears. Who doesn't love this cuteness overload.

There are not many animals more popular with Icelandic tourists than puffins. And I can't blame them, because these guys (and girls) are super cute. This one just caught some lunch for its family.

This blue eyed beauty is not only a stunner, she's also super sweet. And she was the perfect model on this cold winter day.

This black beauty is called Klettur, and he's one of my favorite models. The summer I took this photo he was in the field with the young horses. One of them was on the other side of this little hill and he was waiting for him.

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