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Valentine's Day presents for Icelandic horse lovers

Valentine's Day is around the corner, so you might want to find a nice present for your Icelandic horse-obsessed partner. Lucky for you I have a bunch of very cute horse pictures that could express your love to your boyfriend / girlfriend best!

The kiss

Who doesn't love a good smooch. Horses always greet each other like this, unfortunately we as humans have a more distant way of greeting. Especially now during Covid of course.

A good scratch

Friends are there for you to scratch your back when you need it. Horses know this very well too.

Hugging in the snow

Who couldn't use a good hug these days?

You scratch me, I scratch you

That's what friends are for: a good scratch.

The kiss 2.0

These two guys wanted to greet each other with a nice kiss on the nose. And maybe fight a little after that. But that's love too, right? ;)

Valentines presents for Icelandic horse lovers

If you want even more Valentines Day inspiration, you can check out all of the prints I selected.


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